Bespoke animation, from storyboard to finished film. 

A lot goes into creating an animation, we've worked hard to make the process as swift as possible by breaking it down into 8 stages. 



The intial idea or concept for an Animation. We can talk through this until we reach a point where we feel we can start production. 

Voice Over/Sound

Creating the audio to give a clear understanding of timings. 


Designing the world in which the animation will take place, this includes characters and environments. 


A series of drawings depicting the final film. 


A moving video storyboard synchronised with the sound design of the film. 


The production of the final animated film. 


Any tweaks or changes are discussed to allow for the best possible final product. 


The final animation is completed and delivered in HD format for all to enjoy!

Available in all formats and frame rates. 

Based in Hampshire, working with clients,

individuals and artists globally.

We're passionate about Animation. 

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